Buy Suzuki Alto on Monthly Installments At 0% Markup

By | July 18, 2023
Buy Suzuki Alto

Buy Suzuki Alto – Suzuki Alto reveals an unmatched offer for its customers. Individuals desiring to acquire the Alto but facing financial constraints can now rejoice. Suzuki has introduced a financing option aligned with the car lease Shariah, enabling the purchase of Alto through monthly installments.

Alto’s Models cannot be purchased through installment plans. Customers must make a minimum monthly payment of 44300 for three terms. The installment plans offer benefits such as Markup Shirks Effective Delivery System and other mentioned advantages.Buy Suzuki Alto

  • Priority delivery
  • Affordable equity
  • Hassle-free processing
  • Transparent deals
  • Comprehensive insurance

Installment Plan

Suzuki Alto’s starting price is 22,51000, and it can be purchased through a convenient 5-year installment plan.

Suzuki Altostarting from Rs. 2,251,000
Equity or security deposit30%
Processing feePKR 8,700
Down paymentPKR 684,000
Monthly Payment (5 years)PKR 44,303
Buy Suzuki Alto

Commercial Banks

Bank Alfalah and MCB Bank are jointly providing a project. You can visit the official website to utilize the EMI calculator and determine your installment estimates.

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Buy Suzuki Alto

How to Apply

The process of purchasing a Suzuki Alto is straightforward. Simply follow the steps outlined below.

  • Press the button below.
  • Choose the desired model.
  • Select a financing method.
  • Create an installment plan.
  • Fill out and submit the application form.

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Buy Suzuki Alto

Buy Suzuki Alto

Can I buy car on installments?

If you lack funds, reduce your initial payment by utilizing the Deferred Plan choice and make monthly payments for the registration and insurance fee.

What is the installment plan for Alto VXR Alfalah?

As per Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) website, you can avail the Suzuki Alto VXR 2023 on a convenient monthly installment plan through Bank Alfalah by paying a down payment of Rs. 592,800 and a monthly installment of Rs. 37,793.

What is the price of Alto VXR in Pakistan 2023?

As of July 2023, the cheapest Suzuki Alto VX variant is available at Rs2,251,000, the Alto VXR is priced at Rs2,612,000, while the Alto VXR AGS is at Rs2,799,000 and the Alto AGS is Rs2,935,000.

What is the petrol average of Alto VXR 660cc?

The car’s 660cc engine offers the best fuel average. The average is between 16Km/L to 22kM/L.

Is installment buying buying on credit?

Installment buying is similar to buying on credit, each of which spreads the cost of a purchase over time. However, there are more restrictions involved with an installment plan. You agree to make payments in installments until the purchase is paid for, generally with a preset amount and date of the month.

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